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Leather Stand-off with Strap

Leather Stand-off with Strap

$ 13.95

A remedy for thigh rub. Our optional Stand-Off is used in conjunction with our Large Saddlebag. It positions the bag away from the seatpost to help prevent your legs from bumping the bag. Another benefit is keeping the bag away from the seatpost clamp and other bits that can damage the bag. Made from premium Hermann Oak "English Bridle" leather, 100% vegetable-tanned from top-grade U.S. steer hides.

Can also be used with Carradice or other transverse style bags, but you'll need to stiffen up the bag around the seatpost area. A wooden yardstick, dowel or L-shaped piece of plastic will do the trick.

Stand-off is 2" long, 1-3/4" OD, 1" ID
Seatpost strap is 11-1/2" from bend of leather to tip

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