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Stabilizing Cords


Replacement Stabilizing Cords for our Boxy and Handlebar Bags. Most any piece of string will work just fine...but we offer these replacements if you want to splurge. You get 2 pieces of 22 inch parachute cord and 2 Fastex brand cordlocks. (The cords and locks are made in the U.S.A. and the cordlocks are the strongest in the business with a 10 lb spring.)

Here's a slip-proof way of installing the cords (see photos):

1) Loop loose cord around handlebar.
2) Feed one end of cord through d-ring "from above".
3) Feed other end through d-ring "from below".
4) Insert cord lock and snug up against d-ring.
5) Knot loose ends together and tuck into pocket.


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